MBA Financial Services

Meeting the Financial Planning needs of the construction industry

Financial Services for Members of the Master Builders Association

As a collective initiative between the Master Builders Association and Lifespan Financial Planning we have recognized significant opportunity within the construction sector for improved personal financial planning.

Most of us are working long hours in our businesses to win that next job, to ensure current projects are delivered within time and cost constraints, to get paid for the work we have done , to find good staff, manage your subbies and so the list goes on.

With all this activity going on it comes as no surprise that many of us have not adequately planned for our retirement, we don’t have a succession plan in place for our business and we have not planned to ensure that those who depend on us will be looked after if we are not able to do it.

Its never too late to start a Personal Financial plan.

Take some time out and make contact today. It could be the best investment you ever make.

  • He who has not laid his foundations may lay them later with great inconvenience to the architect, and with great danger to the building

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