Mortgage Brokering

The home lending market has changed – but the Great Australian Dream has not.

The largest investment most people are likely to make is in the family home. It’s also likely to be the longest loan you’ll ever service.

That’s why securing a great deal on a mortgage is key to building peace of mind.

Emma Belo, mortgage specialist at Future Step, says that competition in the mortgage lending market means that home buyers are spoiled for choice.

“At Future Step, we have access to over 70 lenders. And while our clients might take out a mortgage once a decade, we do it all day, every day. We know the interest rates, loan features and application processes inside and out.”

She says that some people need some help through a process that can feel overwhelming.

“Seeing a mortgage broker takes the hassle out of the process. We’ll give you a checklist of documentation you need so that you don’t need to keep coming back with more information,” she says.

Emma says that getting a better mortgage deal should form part of your overall financial plan.

“It’s not just the headline interest rate. There are the features such as extra repayments, offset accounts and refinancing a mortgage to bring the cost of your payments down as part of an overall financial health check-up.”

At Future Step we help you understand the features of your home loan.

  • We educate you on LVRs and MLI
  • We help with loc doc loans and tradies
  • We assist first homebuyers get into the market
  • We refinance existing loans to help you get a better deal
  • We give you access to over 70 lenders.

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